We are a company dedicated to saving you money by correcting your flood zone, eliminating costly flood insurance premiums, and assisting you with a refund of the flood insurance premiums you have paid unnecessarily. Since 1986 we have provided our services nationwide to homeowners, commercial property owners, property managers, homeowners associations, condominium associations, insurance agents, and real estate professionals.

Annually there are millions of dollars spent on flood insurance premiums on property that has never flooded, will never flood, and has never produced a claim against the premiums paid. This is because the property has been placed in a SFHA by FEMA. The owners are then required to carry flood insurance by their mortgage companies. These premiums subsidize properties that are truly in danger of flooding but do not pay premiums accordingly since your premiums contribute to the flood insurance system! Did you know that 60% of flood zones reviewed are found to be wrong? Take a few minutes to explore this site in detail and find out what you can do about this enormous waste of money.

 Everyone needs to educate themselves and find out if the flood zone on their property is wrong. If it is then you are simply wasting your money and subsidizing the National Flood Insurance Program for those properties that have been built where they should not have been and will potentially have a claim using the money you paid for your insurance premiums for their claim.

The professionals at Flood Zone Specialists, Inc. have successfully represented thousands of clients and saved them millions of dollars annually in wasted premiums. Our extensive contact network with FEMA and knowledge of the procedures and requirements for a flood zone change enable us to obtain flood zone approval on 100% of the pre approved cases we submit to FEMA for a flood zone change.  Because we carefully assemble and review each case file we are able to predetermine the outcome of your case through our review process. Only those cases that have received our pre approval are submitted to FEMA for final review and approval.

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